Who are the Uyghurs?

The Uyghurs are native to East Turkestan and an ancient civilized nation in the heart of Asia. Records show that the Uyghurs have a history of more than 4000 years in East Turkistan. East Turkestan covers an area of 1.82 million square kilometers, which is twice as large as the Republic of Turkey or four times as large as the American State of California.

Uyghur language is one of the main dialects of the Turkic language family and it is spoken by around 20 million people in East Turkestan. Uyghur is also spoken by some 1000,000 in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and there are Uyghur-speaking communities in Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Mongolia, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and USA. Uyghur language is officially banned in East Turkestan today.

The Uyghurs declared their independence during the World War II establishing East Turkestan Republic, however it became an Autonomous Region under the rule of China after the Chinese communists annexed East Turkestan in 1949. Throughout the history, independent states established by the ancestors of the Uyghurs thrived and prospered in the lands of East Turkestan. Situated along a section of the legendary Silk Road, the Uyghurs played crucial role in cultural exchanges between the East and the West and developed a unique culture and civilization of their own. The Uyghurs invented the earliest printing techniques and paper for the world. The Uyghur power, prestige and civilization, which dominated the Central Asia for over a thousand years, went into a steep decline after the Chinese invasion of their homeland. The Uyghurs have a long and rich literary history befitting a people that once ruled a great empire in Central Asia. The Uyghurs had an extensive knowledge of medicine and medical practice.

The Uyghurs have been victims of colonization and oppression by the Chinese government since 1949 and today the whole Uyghur nation is under vicious attack. The recent years the Chinese government has implemented ethnic cleansing solution to erase the Uyghurs from their homeland and bloodily suppressed their peaceful demonstrations for justice. Today, estimated 4-6 million Uyghurs are locked into Chinese concentration camps and about 2 million of them have been dispersed into various Chinese provinces. The Uyghurs have become the largest victims of live organ harvesting and mass killing in China now.